Bahasa Basic

Speaking English is of course enough to communicate with most of the people you’ll meet in Bali. But knowing a few words in Bahasa Indonesia can really help you improve your relationships with Indonesian people. And help you get out of difficult situations, like being lost… And it can make a huge difference when negotiating prices! And it is really easy so NO EXCUSE!

Survival Kit :

Good morning (before 11am) : Selamat pagi
Good day (11am to 3pm) : Selamat siang
Good afternoon (3pm to sunset) : Selamat sore
Good evening : Selamat malam
Good night : Selamat tidur
Goodbye : Sampai jumpa
See you soon : Sampai jumpa lagi
See you tomorrow : Sampai jumpa besok
How are you ? : Apa kabar?
I’m good/not so good : Baik/Kurang baik
My name is … : Nama saya …
Excuse me : Permisi
Thanks : Terima kasih (Ma kasih)
You’re welcome : Sama sama
Where : Dimana
When : Ketika
I want to eat : Mau makan (pronounced “maou” makan)
Would you like to eat something? : Mau makan? (everything is in the intonation)
Enjoy your meal: Selamat makan

Numbers :

1 : satu
2 : dua
3 : tiga
4 : empat
5 : lima
6 : enam
7 : tujuh
8 : delapan
9 : sembilan
10 : sepuluh
11 : sebelas

For the numbers from 11 to 19, use word “belas” behind the single numbers i.e the number 12 is dua belas.

20 : dua puluh (for your information, ”puluh” means tens, like the “ty” in twenty)
30 : tiga puluh
40 : empat puluh)
21 : dua puluh satu (Super easy, just add single numbers behind dua puluh)
22 : dua puluh dua… And so on…

tens : puluh
hundreds : ratus
thousands : ribu
millions : juta

So for example : 1 675 895 is “Satu juta enam ratus tujuh puluh lima ribu delapan ratus sembilan puluh lima”… Easy!

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