Diving in Pemuteran, Bali

Another great place in Bali : Pemuteran. This village, located North-West of Bali, has more diving centers than inhabitants. Well maybe not but almost. One reason for this : amazing diving spots like Menjangan, Temple Wall or even Biorock for the beginners. Wether you’re already an expert or still a newbie, Pemuteran is a great base camp for diving excursions. Go see for yourself!

How to get to Pemuteran?

Personally I’ve always taken the scooter to Pemuteran. It’s part of the trip. And I love being able to see, hear and even smell Bali. There are different roads to Pemuteran. Taking the Jl Raya Pupuan (West of Bali) is nice but the way through the mountains (Jl Raya Gobleg) is more adventurous. It usually takes 4 to 5 hours. And be careful not to miss Pemuteran, it is not that big and doesn’t really look like a village…
You can of course rent a car, with or without a driver (I heard it’s around 600 000 IDR with a driver).
And last but not least, you can choose to travel by public transport and bemo. The public buses actually don’t go all the way to Pemuteran. You’ll have to stop in Gilimanuk, Lovina or Seririt and catch a bemo (some kind of local shared taxi). It’s probably complicated if you don’t speak a little bahasa but I’m sure it won’t stop the most adventurous of you. And it could be a lot of fun.

Where to stay?

One advice : Bali Oase Resort. If you’re lucky enough to find it, you’ll have a great time there. After a 15min ride on a very chaotic road, you’ll discover a few bungalows scattered in a peaceful green oasis by the beach. I loved it. And the two Germans who run the place are really nice.
But I’m sure you can find many other great accommodations in Pemuteran.

Taking the plunge

I had never scuba dived before that first trip to Pemuteran and well it was kind of scary…  But only for the first minutes! There were so many amazing things to see that I soon forgot my worries.

The first time, we dived with the Nemo Divers Bali. It was around 300 000 IDR for a baptism. Good enough for a first time.
The second time we went to Ocean Dreams. It’s more expensive but also safer. They offer to pratice in a swimming pool and have excellent instructors.

I haven’t been to Menjangan… yet. Only Biorock. But for a first time, it’s fine. The visibility might not be the best but there are no streams and a lot of differents sort of fish. But know that the corals there are not 100% natural since they grow thanks to electrolysis. The whole sea floor is lined with electrified sculptures which is quite impressive.

What about snorkeling? What’s great in Pemuteran is that you can go snorkeling on your own, you’ll still be able to see a lot. And swimming goggles can do the trick, no need for more equipment.

Have fun!

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